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The competition

August 24th, 2011 11 Comments

Find out how to enter our national competition.


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To enter you need to make a case for YOUR Budget choices.

To make a case you will need to create a short video (max 90 secs) that pitches your budget to the nation. We’re not looking for technical proficiency but the strength of your argument and how creatively you've presented it.

Here’s what the judges will be looking out for:

  • A clear format that is easy to follow;
  • Critical thinking around the competing claims on the choices you've made;
  • Convincing arguments that support your decisions;
  • A case that represents the concerns and interests of a wide variety of people from different backgrounds;
  • An overall ‘vision’ of the kind of society your budget aims to create;
  • Creativity.

We’ll short-list a handful of video entries and publish them online. If you’re lucky enough to make the cut you’ll have two weeks to drum up support and get as many people as possible to vote for it online.

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Enter the competition and you could make the news and win great prizes

Make the news

Make your case to the media

Radio interview

What's a winning entry look like?

Have a look at Winners & runners up to get inspired by previous entries from over the years.


11 Responses

  1. jordon hunt says:

    where do we go to win a ipad

    • robertgeddis says:

      Jordon – you must submit a case justifying your budget decisions to enter into our national competition with the chance to win an iPad. Good luck!

  2. emily2304 says:

    i signedup for this compition and i have read over every bit a lot and i was just wondering what a chancellor was

  3. Supreme sausages says:

    the comp will be epic dnt you thnk :)

  4. saivankofattahpour says:

    What does a “Youth Chancellor will do? and does this title mean anything for them in terms of any decision making?
    Thank you

    • robertgeddis says:

      The winner of the competition is ‘the face’ of Youth Budget 2012 – the representative of the opinions of young reflected in the report.

  5. KBetts says:

    How many ipad’s do I get if I’m a team of 4?

    • robertgeddis says:

      Hi KBetts – Ideally we’d ask for individual entries to the competition as opposed to group entries, is that possible?

      • KBetts says:

        No thats not really possible. as we are entering from our school. has the website been sorted out yet as on tuesday when it said we’d get money it took it away and vice versa?

  6. KBetts says:

    How many people have summited a video this year?

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