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Competition results

February 28th, 2013 2 Comments

The winners and runners up of Chance to be Chancellor 2013 are announced.

Chance to be Chancellor participants were invited to enter a national competition by creating a short video arguing their Budget 2013 choices.  72 entries were received, 5 videos short listed by our judges and J

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ames Read-Tannock from Arnold Hill School and Technology College received 134 votes to win this years competition.

argument essay


James Read-Tannock

Arnold Hill School and Technology College, Nottingham NG5 6NZ

Runners Up

Ben Seed

RGS Guildford

Agatha-Christie Onwuzuruike

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Secondary School, London SE5 0RP–lD4SYs&

Lucinda Chamberlain

Withington Girls' School

Jake Pitt

Blue School Wells

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2 Responses

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  2. [...] Youth Budget 2013 winnerThe ideas from the winner and the runners up for the Citizenship Foundation’s Chance to be chancellor competition make great viewing – and a prompt for your students’ own budget musings. Hopefully this will inspire them to get involved next year. [...]

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